Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March Madness

I know I have been a sparodic with my postings this year compared to last year but it sort of happens that way because all my days off work are always in a big lump and I try to dedicate 1/2 to one day of those to stamping. Hence, I do lots of challenges in one day and then nothing is posted for a couple of weeks.
Well, there is going to be another break. In the next two weeks I am off to NZ for four days then to Wagga Wagga in NSW for three nights then back to my parents place in NZ for four more days then up to the North Island for another conference. Two conferences in two countries in two weeks. Thankfully with 10 flights none of them are on Jetstar or Virgin so it will be a bit of a treat.
So, there wont be any stamping for a bit but I will be back real soon