Saturday, April 24, 2010

Humidity, humidity, humidity

Well, it has been a really humid day here in Cairns. The journal articles that I am meant to be reading for my doctorate feel all damp and now when I go to stamp, my cardstock is all soggy. This means that you dont get the nice crisp images (hence stamps having a blotchy look). It is so humid today I have actually turned on the air con which is unusual for this time of year.

So my method of procrastination today was Keesha's challenge. Thinking that a card would be too quick (and then I would have to study again) I went for something a little 3D. Keesha's challenge this week was a colour challenge. I have never done a 3D thing like this. They are quite fiddly. Here are the colours:
And here is the creation. A little box. I am not sure I have used the right blue as it has come out of the scrap bag but I know the rest of the colours are right.
The stamp set is cottage garden from the autumn/winter mini. The 'for you' is from vintage labels. It is funny how you look at a stamp set in a catalogue and think 'yeah, I could do lots with that' and then when you get it, it seems a bit more difficult than you thought. That is my feeling towards the 'cottage garden' stamp set at the moment.
This is the back side of the box with a little tag. For a fiddly little creation I think it turned out quite well.
Maybe I should do some dusting. Its a bit embarrasing when you can see it in the photo. Perhaps that is what I will do next to procrastinate.
I have more of this weekends creations in the previous post (I have been procrastinating alot!).
Have a good weekend


Tanya Kitto said...

Bron, I love your creation, those colours look so lovely & fresh

Richelle said...

Lol at wanting to dust! Ahhh you know you're really procrastinating when you want to dust something!

Love your box! Its so cute!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous Bron!! I love boxes. They are just so much fun to make and decorate and you have done a fab job!