Tuesday, March 30, 2010

And the reward for days of study is....

4 hours of stamping. Yep, it was actually on the list of about 20 things that I HAD to do on my 'days off'. I am not ususally a list person but when I know I have lots to do in a limited time it is the only way that I can keep motivated. So, Monday night was stamping night and I set about doing some challenges. My brain wasn't quite as creative as I was hoping and that may have had something to do with the research book I was reading before I started stamping!!!! The first one I tackled was Keesh's challenge. Keesh suggested a pastel, easter inspired card but as I dont really do pastels and dont have a stamp set that is easter-ish so I went in my own direction.
It looked innocent enough but I couldn't really figure it out so was feeling a bit so so about this one. I tried a baby card to start with.

And then return to good old faithful chocolate chip and my 'like it latte' set and felt a bit better about this one.
The photos didn't turn out that well. The sun hasn't shined for days, maybe weeks and it has been very cloudy making it a bit difficult to get the natural colours of the cards happening in the photos. Think the clouds will be here for a while yet while cyclone Paul floats about in the Gulf of Carpenteria. Now off to the other challenges


Chantelle said...

Both cards are great - I LOVE the coffee cup one though - the chocolate really stands out. Great job with the sketch and thanks for joining in.

Paula Fuller said...

Bronnie, you have been busy. Very cute!