Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Strange and a little disturbing...Beat's challenge

OK, so I tried to be a little bit creative in a way that I don't usually go. I looked at the picture for Beat's creative challenge and thought, 'oh look at the knitted toy on the seat. Maybe I could do something with that.' So I off I go with my oval punch and punched the toy. But as he got created he started to look...well, a bit strange and he didnt really turn out the way I wanted to but I thought, 'oh well, it will make people laugh...perhaps.' So, I think it is a bit of a blooper but I still had the courage to put it out there for others. Here is the picture of inspiration

Here is my strange wee fellow
In an attempt to redeem myself I have tried to pick up the blue floor boards and the white from the childs bed.
Let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

You certainly are into the challenges at the moment hey Bron. I think it looks Great!

Beate said...

Your strange oval man cracked me up! Thanks so much for playing!
Hugs and grins